Overall Equipment Effectivness

At a time of technological progress, automation is becoming increasingly important in order to optimise production processes. OEE therefore represents an important key figure that helps companies to quantify, qualify and manage the use of their production resources in order to significantly increase the efficiency of production processes.

This allows you to objectively assess the productivity of your company and systematically identify potential for optimisation. You can then use these findings as the basis for making informed decisions and take measures that lead to a sustainable, economic improvement in your company’s results.


The OEE key figures

The continuous monitoring and optimisation of key figures is essential to minimise losses, improve product quality and ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Key figure analysis and optimisation

Optimization Process

Only targeted process analysis also leads to process optimisation

The targeted meticulous analysis of internal processes, material flows and production processes forms the basis for focused implementation plans. Above all, faults and other negative influencing factors can often be recorded directly on the value creation base, the shop floor.

With many years of experience in the automotive environment, we support you in the optimisation of your processes.

Effiziente Produktion mit OEE

Do you also want to achieve more efficient production with OEE?

Through our targeted analysis and corresponding optimisation of your processes, we support your company in its goal of achieving more efficient production in the future.