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How it all started...

After a short detour, I studied automotive technology, which was the obvious thing to do, as I had petrol in my blood from a very early age and owned several motorcycles. Even while I was still studying I noticed that I was much more unconventional than my fellow students, and later many of my work colleagues.

I have always wanted to go my own way and have always been very ambitious. Of course, there are always voices that say „you can’t do that in a male domain“ or „play it safe“. As my decision to start my own company grew more and more over time, I strived to gain a lot of experience in as many areas as possible, as well as very demanding & complex projects, and was dependent on constantly redefining my own boundaries.

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis in 2021, the time had come for me to take the step into self-employment.

Since then, I have encountered met many new interesting companies and personalities with innovative approaches and a great mindset. It’s incredibly fun to exchange ideas in this network and there are always great synergy effects.

Melanie Held
Melanie Held

My motto: Every challenge can be solved

The principle of trial and error, which I often experience in practice, costs an incredible amount of energy, time and money. For this reason, I first thoroughly analyse the actual causes and then build a structured plan on how to get the problem under control.

My motivation lies precisely in mastering complex problems and challenges – simple tasks are for anyone.

It is important to find the solution not only on the laptop and in the meeting room, but in production and on the shop floor. Only those who are really get under the skin of things can understand them and can work out and implement improvement strategies.

 I find it incredibly important to pick up all team members, involve them and get them enthusiastic about the project in question. People are motivated when they are used according to their personal strengths, so that everyone pulls together and works together towards the success of the project.

It is well known that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Melanie Held Freizeit

A thoroughbred entrepreneur & technology fanatic

Consulting is not just my job, but my passion. I am fascinated by all facets of business development, strategic planning and technical processes and their further development. Therefore, in addition to my work, I am always looking for investment opportunities in real estate, shares and stakes in companies, or partnerships. I have always supported my friends and business partners in solving technical or other problems with the right view and approach.

But when I’m not deep in the business world, I’m usually on the road for sport. Of course, my favourite place is in or on a motorised means of transport. I need action, whether it’s enduro motorcycling, flying or other exciting sports such as diving.

Of course, my favourite place is not only on, but also around, a motorcycle. I bought my first motorcycle at the age of 20 and restored it myself – from the engine to the welding and painting work. In addition, I have now also taken a liking to golf and now know that a small, white ball can occasionally teach you lessons in humility and frustration tolerance.

My expertise

Since completing my studies, I have worked as a project manager in international prototype and small- and large-scale production projects.

My core competencies are primarily in body in white (BIW) and production lines for HV batteries, where I have supervised countless toolmaking and production line projects for companies in different positions in the supply chain.

In the past I worked mainly on projects with the leading OEMs (Mercedes Benz, VW, Audi, BMW, GM) but also with other manufacturers outside the automotive sector, and I am currently increasingly active in the demanding premium vehicle segment (Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini). In addition to the OEMs, I have also worked with and for some of the leading Tier 1-n companies and automotive start-ups.

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Your inquiry:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. This way, we can exchange information through a personal conversation. Moreover, if you’re interested, I can certainly provide you with a comprehensive project overview.